Sterile and pyrogen-free products

pyrogenfrei Produktbild

Pyrogen-free products are required in areas such as pharmaceuticals, medical technology, food production, biomedical research and blood banks. They prevent pyrogens, which can cause fever or adverse reactions, from entering the human body by injection. We wash, sterilise and depyrogenate vials and caps and pack them. I can customise the vial, cap and packaging unit […]

Glass round cuvettes


Table of Contents In the chemical industry, color evaluations on oils, fats, resins, surfactants, glycols and ionic solvents are performed either visually or with the aid of Hach-Lange colorimeters (Lico® 100, 300, 400). For example, the inexpensive disposable glass cuvette (LYY621) is available for determining the color number. Product information The disposable 11 mm diameter […]

PreCrimped-Vial Argon

Vials mit Argon

Übersicht LABC’s pre-filled vials are the ideal solution for the safe storage of samples that should not come into contact with atmospheric oxygen. The vial is pre-filled with argon gas to ensure optimal stability and long-term preservation of sample material. Precise prefabrication guarantees quick and easy handling, which saves time and costs. Rely on LABC’s […]

CERTAN® vials


Übersicht CERTAN – vials offer you the advantages of a completely sealed ampoule and the flexibility of a standard screw cap vial. Developed by Promochem and a registered trademark of LGC Group, they are the ideal specialty bottle for the storage of volatile samples and reference standards.Rely on vials bottles to safely store and protect […]

DLLME with the Bilimex® range


Übersicht DLLME (dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction) is an effective method for the concentration of liquids in chemical analysis. This method is fast, efficient and requires only small amounts of solvents. In DLLME, immiscible solvent and miscible solvent are added to an aqueous sample to separate the analyte from interfering substances. LABC-Labortechnik offers sample vessels for manual […]

Wide and narrow neck sample bottle

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Übersicht Wide and narrow neck sample bottles conform to EC 1935/2004/EU 10/2011. Universally suitable for: Pigment, solvent-based printing ink pastes or liquids (varnishes, resins, etc.). The wide opening means that even pulpy or viscous substances can be easily removed, e.g. with a spoon. The vial and the screw cap is easy to clean – even […]

S3vial – Sampling, Storing, Shipping

s3 vials

Übersicht Intelligent handling of smallest sample quantities down to a few nanograms for liquid and especially solid chemicals . An insert with optimized residual emptying is integrated in a handy and larger glass tube. Various thread types and closures are available for sealing. The S3vialis available without support and can be customized in small quantities. […]

Sample vial “iTri

iTri vial klar und braunglas

Übersicht The high-density “iTri” sample vial is suitable for the storage and transport of volatile samples and small sample volumes. The special design with a tapered inner funnel at the top ensures that even extremely volatile samples do not escape or escape only very slowly. In addition, the vial has a constricted and very good […]

GL-18 with tamper-evident cap

GL18 Gruppe originalitaetsverschluss

Übersicht The GL-18 thread is a widely used and versatile thread. In combination with a tamper-evident closure, it is often used as a packaging bottle in the pharmaceutical industry, for example. Typically, these bottles are produced in large quantities as pressed glass and therefore cannot be customized. With a process patented by our partner GTG […]