S3vial – Sampling, Storing, Shipping

S3vial – Sampling, Storing, Shipping


Intelligent handling of smallest sample quantities down to a few nanograms for liquid and especially solid chemicals . An insert with optimized residual emptying is integrated in a handy and larger glass tube. Various thread types and closures are available for sealing. The S3vialis available without support and can be customized in small quantities. The S3vialcan be used in many ways. S3 stands for:

Sampling – fill, remove and safely handle samples in the laboratory.

Storing – Storage of samples / chemicals

Shipping – Shipping, e.g. as inner packaging when shipping excepted quantities of dangerous goods of certain classes according to 3.5 ADR/RID (Excepted Quantities).

S3vial – Sampling, Storing, Shipping

S3vial – Sampling, Storing, Shipping

S3vials mit kappen schemaS³ vials are specially designed as containers for transporting, storing and shipping small volumes of substances. They are characterized by a large bottle body equipped with optimized residual emptying. The large bottle body allows comfortable handling, even with gloves. In addition, the body of the bottle can be easily labeled.

The optimized residue discharge allows precise removal of substances down to the nano range with a spatula or comparable tool. The bottles are available in various sizes and with different threads, including a GL18 thread with tamper-evident cap for added safety. The tamper-evident cap protects the bottles from unauthorized access and detects tampering.

S³ vials are therefore also suitable for the transport and storage of sensitive or hazardous substances. They offer an optimal solution for handling small volumes of substances with high precision and safety.

  • S3vial= Sampling: filling and taking samples and their safe handling.
  • S3vial= Storing: St oring chemicals, drugs, reagents or similar.
  • S3vial= Shipping: Shipping, e.g. as inner packaging when shipping excepted quantities of dangerous goods of certain classes according to 3.5 ADR/RID (Excepted Quantities).
S3vial = Sampling

S3vial = Sampling

S3 Vial clear glassSmall sample volumes, especially non-liquid samples, are difficult to fill and retrieve in glass vials. Standard vials, even with optimized residual emptying, are optimized for applications with liquid samples. The S3 Vial is optimized for sampling powdered samples. The insert of the S³-Vial seamlessly attaches to the threaded opening, so that even small amounts of powder can be conveniently reached for removal. The conical base facilitates removal and ensures almost complete specimen collection. Due to the wide opening and the small puncture depth, it is also possible to work with pipettes or syringes. The diameter of the glass body is adapted to standard vials and firmly connected to the insert. The base height is reproducibly the same, so that an S³ vial can also be emptied automatically. With magnetic closures or robotic gripper arms, the S³-Vial can be driven automatically.

S3vial = Storing

S3vial = Storing

S3 Vial amber glassVarious types of samples such as chemicals, drugs, reagents or similar can be stored in the S3-Vial, even over a longer period of time. The S³-Vial is available from stock with different threads and can be produced with almost any thread or with different dimensions upon customer request. Different septa, depending on the requirement of the sample to be stored, are also available. The glass body with its available lengths and diameters is adapted to standard storage bottles. The S³ vial stands without support and can be comfortably gripped with gloves thanks to the large vial body relative to the sample volume. Labels with detailed information can be conveniently attached to the large surface.

S3vial = Shipping

S3vial = Shipping

s3 vials ausschnitt 2Shipping of powdered samples according to ADR with the S³-Vial. Samples containing hazardous substances can be shipped in a simplified and cost-effective manner as an excepted quantity of dangerous goods from certain classes according to 3.5 ADR/RID (Excepted Quantities). In the cavity open at the bottom under the sample, information such as certificates of analysis can be safely deposited on the bottle. We call this Infotainer.

Available variants S3Vialin the standard range

Available variants S3Vialin the standard range:

Usable volume (ml) Outer dimension (mm) Thread Opening IØ (mm) Glass variety Article no. Figure
1.5 14×45 13-425 8 clear 120-0933582 Svials Schnitt KG 13 425 14x40mm1
1.5 14×45 13-425 8 brown 120-0933599
0.3 19×58 15-425 9,5 clear 120-0933605
0.3 19×58 15-425 9,5 brown 120-0933612
2.5 19×58 15-425 9,5 clear 120-0933629
2.5 19×58 15-425 9,5 brown 120-0933636
1 27×85 24-400 17 clear 120-0933643 Svials Schnitt grau Quer 27x85mm
1 27×85 24-400 17 brown 120-0933650
10 27×85 24-400 17 clear 120-0933667
10 27×85 24-400 17 brown 120-0933674
0.05 27×85 24-400 17 clear 120-0933681
0.05 27×85 24-400 17 brown 120-0933698
0.5 23×60 HS6-19 10 clear 120-0933704 Svials Schnitt grau Quer 27x85mm
0.5 23×60 HS6-19 10 brown 120-0933711
5 23×60 HS6-19 10 clear 120-0933728
5 23×60 HS6-19 10 brown 120-0933735
PU = 100 piece
Caps / Closures

Caps / Closures

We are happy to personally offer you the right concept of closure and septum for any task. We would be happy to advise you. In addition to the combinations listed here, we are also happy to offer you an individual closure solution.

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