Glass round cuvettes

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In the chemical industry, color evaluations on oils, fats, resins, surfactants, glycols and ionic solvents are performed either visually or with the aid of Hach-Lange colorimeters (Lico® 100, 300, 400). For example, the inexpensive disposable glass cuvette (LYY621) is available for determining the color number.

Product information

The disposable 11 mm diameter glass cuvette is sold as model LYY621 and is compatible with Lico200/210/220/50/LTM1 models. The cuvettes are supplied in a packaging unit of 560 pieces and bear the article number 120-0394765.

Visual color scales and standards for color measurement in the chemical industry

There are various visual Disposable glass round cellcolor scales, including Iodine Color Number, Hazen Color Number, Gardner Color Number, Lovibond® Color Number, Sayboldt Color Number, Mineral Oil Color Number, Pharmacopoeia Color Determination, USP Color Number Determination, Klett Color Number, Hess-Ives Color Number and Yellowness Index.

Here are some standards for color measurement: DIN 5033, DIN 6174, EN 1557, DIN 6162, ISO 6271, ISO 4630, ASTM D 156, ASTM D 1500, ASTM D 5386, ASTM D 6045, ASTM D 6166, AOCS Cc 13a and AOCS Cc 13e.

Color measurement according to these standards is possible with the disposable glass round cell.

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