Weight constant thread vial

Gewichtskonstante Vials unter 4g

The lightweight screw-in vial with an ND13 / 13-425 thread is guaranteed to weigh less than 4.8 g without the cap. This makes the vial especially suitable for use on analytical balances. The vial is available in clear and amber glass. Weight constant Thread vial for sample weighing in Item no: KG/BG Volume Height Ø […]



Übersicht Our vial is made of plasticiser-free polypropylene and has been specially developed to provide optimum conditions for sampling small volumes. The internal design of the vial enables efficient emptying so that even the smallest residual quantities can be removed without difficulty. With a universal working range from 100µl to 700µl, the vial offers versatile […]

40x7mm analysis vial

nd8 braunglas

The rolled rim vials are made of brown glass with an ND11 head. They have a size of 40 x 7 mm and offer space for 0.7 ml (700 µL) of liquid. Other threads or glass colours can be produced on request. Item number Thread Glass colour Volume Dimensions Alternative 120-0004190 ND11 crimp Amber glass […]

2.5ml vial 46x12mm

Vials mit 46x12mm

The 2.5ml vial are made of clear glass of the first hydrolytic class. This glass allows a very good resistance to temperature and chemical solutions. The vials are available in two versions. Short thread bottle ND9 short thread 46 x 12 mm, with the same diameter as standard 32 x 12mm vials and a different […]

ReinLIS wash vials

ReinLIS - Waschvial

Übersicht The “ReinLIS” wash vials and waste vials with diffusion caps are ideal for chromatography and provide an efficient cleaning solution for autosampler syringes. Wash vials are special screw vials with a funnel in the screw cap called a diffusion insert, which prevents the solvent from evaporating and guides the syringe. Compared to conventional inserts, […]

Cylinder glasses


Übersicht Screw-threaded cylinder jars are ideal for simulating the migration of food contact materials that are fully immersed. It is supplied with a closed plastic screw cap containing a PTFE-lined gasket. This vial not only provides a safe storage solution for samples, but also allows for the precise recreation of migration conditions. Features Features The […]


Mikroeinsätze für Flaschen mit 6 mm Öffnung

Our micro inserts with an opening of 6 mm have been specially developed as inserts for 1.5 ml or 2 ml autosampler vials. The vials measure 32 x 11.6 mm and have a further opening, regardless of the design of the bottle neck. Our micro inserts are compatible with ND9 and ND11 threads. Micro inserts […]

Specified flat bottom glasses

Spezifizierte Flachbodengläser 48x22mm

Our specified flat-bottom glasses, measuring 48x22mm (height x diameter), with a wall thickness of 1mm and made of clear glass, are ideal for use in conjunction with a variety of NIR spectrometers. They comply with the 1st hydrolytic class and offer a special bottom that is 100% optoelectronically controlled and has a mirror bottom. Specified […]

ND20 flat-bottomed vials

ND20 Flachbodenglas 48x22mm, Wandstärke 1mm, mit Crimpkopf

With the help of our flat-bottomed vials, you can carry out measurements in the near-infrared range without having to carry out any upstream sample preparation. Thanks to computer-aided evaluation methods, NIR systems can identify source materials quickly and easily. NIR spectroscopy is almost ideally suited for the identification of starting materials and quality analyses. With […]

Snap cap bottles


Übersicht Our snap cap bottles are the perfect solution for laboratories and mobile use. They provide a convenient way to store specimens safely and conveniently. Whether you are working in the lab or on the road, our vials will meet your needs. Advantages of snap cap bottles Advantages of snap cap bottles A great advantage […]