Our vial is made of plasticiser-free polypropylene and has been specially developed to provide optimum conditions for sampling small volumes. The internal design of the vial enables efficient emptying so that even the smallest residual quantities can be removed without difficulty. With a universal working range from 100µl to 700µl, the vial offers versatile application possibilities.


pp-Pure-Vial made of polypropylene for sample volumes from 100 - 700 μl

Our pp-Pure-Vial made of plasticiser-free polypropylene enables precise sampling, regardless of the size of the volume, thanks to the optimised residual emptying. Thanks to the raised base, it is also possible to work with very low volumes. The base geometry with the optimised residue discharge can reduce the non-removable volume to a minimum.Thanks to the raised base, it is also possible to work with very low volumes.

pp-Pure-Vial – Polypropylene vial for sample volumes from 100µl – 700µl Vial made of special pure polypropylene is available with Agilent compatible short thread for screw caps or as crimp version with rolled rim.

Item no: Volume: Rest: Height: Ø: OEM number
120-0460002 700 μl (short thread) < 80 μl 32 mm 12 mm G004-HP-PP/i17µ
120-0645874 700 µl (crimp neck) < 80 μl 32 mm 12 mm G002-SC-PP/i17µ

The vials are packed in 250 pieces in a PP box.

Further information about pp-Pure-Vials

Further information about pp-Pure-Vials

In the past, the focus of pharmaceutical research was mainly on small molecules. Nowadays, however, the focus is mainly on large molecules such as peptides and proteins. When using glass vessels in autosamplers, there is the problem that large molecules readily adsorb on the glass surface. To counteract this effect, the glass vessels must be silanised. Alternatively, polymer vials can be used, especially when working with aqueous solutions.

Our pp-Pure-Vial is made of pure, plasticiser-free polypropylene. The vial has been developed with a special inner shape that allows optimised emptying. It is ideal for sampling small volumes in the universal range from 100 to 700 µl sample volume.

Thanks to the high base of the vial, even very small volumes can be processed without any problems. Depending on the needle geometry, the effective non-injectable volume can be extremely low. We recommend setting the needle height to at least 3.5 mm above the base of the vial for best results.

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