Specified flat bottom glasses

Our specified flat-bottom glasses, measuring 48x22mm (height x diameter), with a wall thickness of 1mm and made of clear glass, are ideal for use in conjunction with a variety of NIR spectrometers. They comply with the 1st hydrolytic class and offer a special bottom that is 100% optoelectronically controlled and has a mirror bottom.

Specified flat-bottom glass for NIR spectrometer

Without sample preparation (measurement on native samples, no upstream extraction, etc.), NIR systems identify source materials using computer-aided evaluation methods. Uncomplicated and fast is the measurement of spectra in the near infrared range (NIR range) NIR spectroscopy is almost ideally suited for the identification of starting materials and quality analyses.

These glasses are particularly well suited for use with the following devices:

  • Bruker Optics TANGO-R SYSTEM: This system allows the measurement of liquid samples. Our flat-bottomed glasses are an ideal fit and offer a reliable solution for your applications.

  • Thermo Scientific Autosampler RS for Antaris: This autosampler is specially designed for measuring powders. With our flat-bottomed tubes, you can analyze your samples precisely and efficiently.

  • Thermo Scientific MultiPro Autosampler for Antaris II: This autosampler is designed for use with the Antaris II. Our flat-bottom glasses are perfectly compatible and allow you to perform high-quality measurements and analyses.

Due to their perfect fit compatibility and technical properties, our glasses offer a reliable solution for NIR spectroscopy with the mentioned instruments. They also allow for easy handling and optimal results.

Item no.: 120-0788168

We manufacture specified flat-bottomed tubes as disposable sample containers for NIR spectrometers in other dimensions on request. We will be happy to provide you with an offer.