Our micro inserts with an opening of 6 mm have been specially developed as inserts for 1.5 ml or 2 ml autosampler vials. The vials measure 32 x 11.6 mm and have a further opening, regardless of the design of the bottle neck. Our micro inserts are compatible with ND9 and ND11 threads.

Micro inserts for vials with 6 mm opening

These mirco inserts offer a practical solution to reduce the volume of samples in the autosampler vials. With the 6 mm opening you can easily take small amounts of your sample. The micro inserts ensure safe and reliable handling of the samples and ensure that they are optimally protected during the measuring process. Compared to microliter vials, the micro inserts are less expensive, but also involve considerably more manual effort.

Thanks to their compatibility with the common ND9 and ND11 threads, our micro inserts fit perfectly with various autosampler vials on the market. They offer flexibility and allow you to use them in a variety of ways in your laboratory.

Item no: Material: Volume: Rest: Height: Ø: Special feature:
120-0589116 KG 0.25 ml < 4 μl 31 mm 6 mm 15mm tip
120-0589130 KG 0,3 ml < 4 μl 31 mm 6 mm 12mm Tip
120-0589147 KG 0,35 ml < 8 μl 31 mm 6 mm flat bottom
120-0589123 KG 0.25 ml < 4 μl 29 mm 5,7 mm with polymer base
120-0713245 PP 0.25 ml < 4 μl 29 mm 5,7 mm PP micro insert with polymer base suitable for ion chromatography, atomic absorption and

The micro-inserts are packed in a PP box of 100 pieces.