ND18 – ZeroSept FUN

The high-purity septumless funnel (inner funnel) ND18 fine thread cap is ideal for precise analyses.
Even with multiple punctures, the innovative FUNnel ensures that the sample remains in the vial. The magnetic aluminium fine-thread cap is supplied with an inert and plasticiser-free funnel-shaped polypropylene sealing element.
ZeroSept® FUN is very inert and resistant to most chemicals. The very thin membrane for piercing can be easily pierced with all standard syringes. Puncturing polypropylene does not create any particles and allows it to be used in a wide temperature range from -0 °C to 100 °C.

ZeroSept® FUN is designed for interference-free analyses with ND18 fine thread vials and is part of the high-purity ZeroSept® range. ZeroSept® FUN is characterized by its resealable properties and the highly inert and plasticizer-free polypropylene. ZeroSept® FUN is recommended for Pfas analyses, for example.

ND18 – ZeroSept® FUN

Item no: Thickness: Color: Hole-Ø:
120-0967884 2,5 mm silver 8 mm

The ND18 – ZeroSept® FUN closures are packed in 100 pieces in a jar.

All ZeroSept® closures are supplied in a jar. The jar is sealed with a PP screw-on lid. A clean aluminium foil is also packed between the lid and the closure so that the septa reach the customer free of environmental influences and plasticisers from the packaging, for example. The aluminium foil also stabilises the closures and prevents the septa from coming loose during transport

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