ND20 crimp cap for SPME vials

ND20 Bördelkappen für SPME-Flaschen

SPME phases are very sensitive and require particularly thin septa, as otherwise the needle bends easily with the phase. The sealing washers are therefore considerably thinner than standard sealing washers. SPME closures with special SPME vials have the best crimping properties. ND20 crimp caps for SPME vials The PTFE lamination of the silicone / PTFE […]

ND20 aluminum flared cap – silicone(white) / aluminum

Produktbild ND20 Alu Bördelkappe - Silikon / Alu

The silicone / aluminum septum is coated on one side with aluminum foil, making it chemically and physically equivalent to PTFE-coated septums, and in some cases superior. Silicone/aluminum septa are particularly resistant to the effects of temperature. The temperature range extends from -60 °C to 220 °C, and the hardness is 50° Shore A. ND20 […]

ND20 aluminum flare cap – silicone / PTFE HT quality

ND20 Alu Bördelkappe - Silikon / PTFE HT-Qualität

The white silicone with beige PTFE lamination corresponds to the improved Agilent HT quality. It is very soft and can therefore be penetrated very well. The silicone is extremely pure and is suitable for particularly critical analyses. Temperature range: -60 °C to 200 °CHardness: 45° shore A ND20 – aluminum flared cap – silicone / […]

ND20 aluminum crimp cap silicone (blue) / PTFE (white)

ND20 Alu Bördelkappe Silikon(blau) / PTFE(weiß)

Soft septum for easy penetration. The septum is made of the purest synthetic rubber and is therefore used for critical analyses. The septum is used in the temperature range from -60 °C to 200 °CHardness: 45° shore A ND20 – Aluminum crimp cap silicone(blue) / PTFE(white)t Item no: Cap type/color: Thickness: Hole-Ø: 120-0587334 Standard perforated […]

ND20 aluminum crimp cap Pharma-Fix

ND20 Pharmafix

The Pharma-Fix shaped washer consists of a butyl sealing washer that is centrally coated with PTFE. The crimp only lies on butyl and creates a better seal compared to PTFE. The PTFE protects the septum and the sample. The septum can be used in the temperature range from -40 °C to 120 °C and has […]

ND20 aluminum flare cap – butyl / PTFE(grey)


The molded washers made of butyl with PTFE (grey) can be used in the temperature range from -40 °C to 120 °C. The hardness is 55° shore A. ND20 – Aluminum flared cap – Butyl / PTFE(gray) Item no: Cap type/color: Thickness: Hole Ø: 120-0587365 Standard hole cap/aluminum 3,0 mm 10 mm 120-0587419 Headspace cap/aluminum […]

ND20 aluminum flare caps Butyl shaped washer

ND20 Butyl-Formscheibe

The molded butyl discs are cleaner and denser compared to a conventional punched disc. In comparison, pure butyl is an inexpensive septum. Due to the lack of PTFE lamination, the closure is only suitable for non-critical analyses. The closure can be used in the temperature range from -40 °C to 120 °C. The hardness is […]

ND20 aluminum flare caps with standard sealing washers

ND20 Standardscheiben

The ND20 closures are inserted into an aluminum crimp cap and have a 10 mm hole. They are not magnetic. In addition to the standard ND20 cap, there are also crimp caps for special applications. Medium and full tear-off caps have a tab so that the cap can be removed from the vial without tools. […]

Headspace crimp vials

ND20 Headspaceflaschen

Crimped vials with ND20 are mainly used in headspace analysis. Depending on the closure, the sample containers can be moved with an autosampler. Versatile closures are available for the ND20 headspace vials. ND20 – Headspace crimp bottles Article no. KG/BG Bottom/crimp Volume Rest Height Ø Remark 120-0588843 KG rounded/HS 5 ml 800 µl 38.2 mm […]