ND20 aluminum flare caps Butyl shaped washer

The molded butyl discs are cleaner and denser compared to a conventional punched disc. In comparison, pure butyl is an inexpensive septum. Due to the lack of PTFE lamination, the closure is only suitable for non-critical analyses.

The closure can be used in the temperature range from -40 °C to 120 °C. The hardness is 55° shore A.

ND20 - Aluminum flared cap - Butyl molded washer

The ND20 closures with an inserted butyl molded washer are available with various crimp caps. In addition to the non-magnetic standard cap ND20, crimp caps are also available for special applications. Medium and full tear-off caps have a tab so that the cap can be removed from the vial without tools. Headspace flare caps have a perforation that opens automatically in the event of dangerous overpressure. Magnetic crimp caps with 6mm and 8mm holes complete the range.

Item no: Cap type/color: Thickness: Hole-Ø:
120-0587587 Standard perforated cap/aluminum 3.0 mm 10 mm
120-0647816 Headspace cap/aluminum 3.0 mm
120-0587655 Center tear-off/aluminum 3.0 mm
120-0587662 All tear-off/aluminum 3,0 mm
120-0647823 magnetic/silver 3.0 mm 6 mm
120-0587679 magnetic/silver 3.0 mm 8 mm

The aluminium flared cap with butyl moulded disc is packed in packs of 100.