ND20 crimp cap for SPME vials

SPME phases are very sensitive and require particularly thin septa, as otherwise the needle bends easily with the phase. The sealing washers are therefore considerably thinner than standard sealing washers. SPME closures with special SPME vials have the best crimping properties.

ND20 crimp caps for SPME vials

The PTFE lamination of the silicone / PTFE septum is thinned, as the PTFE barrier is the most difficult part of a septum to pierce.
The silicone / PTFE septum is 55° Shore A hard.

With its outstanding chemical and physical properties, Viton requires
properties, as it is a barrier from the ground up.
has very good acid, oil and gasoline resistance. Viton is temperature-resistant from -40°C to 240°C, and can even withstand temperatures of 300°C for short periods!
The Viton septum is 70° Shore A hard.

The silicone / aluminum septum is completely covered with a thin aluminum foil. It offers ideal protection, even against highly aggressive filling materials; combined with the only 1.3 mm thin, high-purity white silicone, the septum is very gentle on needles.
The closure is 50° Shore A hard.

Item no: Material color Thickness
120-0587617 Silicone/PTFE white/blue 1,5 mm
120-0587709 Viton 1A black 1,0 mm
120-0587815 silicone/aluminum white/silver 1,3 mm

Packed are the caps of 100 pieces in PE bag.

Cross references

Item no: LPP
120-0587617 20 03 1246
120-0587709 20 03 1264