Übersicht Our vial is made of plasticiser-free polypropylene and has been specially developed to provide optimum conditions for sampling small volumes. The internal design of the vial enables efficient emptying so that even the smallest residual quantities can be removed without difficulty. With a universal working range from 100µl to 700µl, the vial offers versatile […]

ND11 aluminum flare cap – high temperature closures

Produktbild nd11 hochtemperaturverschluesse

ND11 septa for high temperatures. The septa for applications with particularly high temperatures are intended for special analytics. ND11 aluminum flare cap with high temperature closures Item no. Septum Temp range Thickness Hardness 120-0587129 PTFE virginal -200 to +260°C 0.25 mm 53° shore A 120-0587259 PTFE virginal + TPF O-ring -200 to +260 °C 0.25 […]

ND11 aluminum flare cap – silicone/PTFE slotted


Slotted septa in HPLC as penetration aid for thick/blunt needlesand to create a valve effect in case of multiple injections. The septum is made of silicone white/PTFE blue with slit. 55° shore ATemp. range: -60 °C – 200 °C ND11 Alu flare cap – silicone white / PTFE blue slotted Item no.: Color: Thickness: Hole-Ø: […]

ND11 Alu flare cap – PTFE/Silicone/PTFE

nd11 ptfe sil ptfe 3

PTFE-coated silicone discs on both sides for low particle formation. Temp. range: -60 °C – 200 °CHardness: 45° shore A ND11 Alu flare cap – PTFE/Silicone/PTFE Item no.: Color: Thickness: Hole-Ø: 120-0017237 silver 1,0 mm 5,5 mm Packed are the caps of 100 pieces in PE bag. Cross reference list: Item no: LPP Agilent 120-0647472 […]

ND11 Alu flare cap – natural rubber/butyl/TEF


The flare closure with a natural rubber/butyl/TEF septum is ideal for multiple injections. The three-layer sandwich disc is easier to pierce than natural rubber/TEF closures. It combines the positive physical properties (resealing properties) with the good chemical properties (purity) and tested instrument manufacturer quality (Agilent quality). The septum can be considered a successor to the […]

ND11 Alu flare cap – silicone/PTFE

nd11 silikon weiss rot 2

The silicone septum with PTFE lamination is preferably recommended for single injections. We use the purest synthetic elastomer, therefore the closure can also be used for critical analyses. It is suitable for use in GC, HPLC and headspace analysis. Temp. range: -60 °C – 200 °CHardness: 45° shore A ND11 Alu flare cap – silicone […]

ND11 Alu flare cap – RedRubber/PTFE


Preferably recommended for single injections.In terms of purity, RedRubber is comparable to silicone, but much less expensive. It RedRubber/PTFE closures are used in GC and HPLC. The septum is tested to instrument manufacturer quality and is versatile. Temp. range: -40 °C – 150 °CHardness: 45° shore A ND11 Alu flare cap – RedRubber/PTFE (beige) Item […]

Crimped rim vials

Übersicht ND11

Crimped vials, often referred to as rolled rim vials, can be used on all common autosamplers due to their geometry. The rolled rim bottles with ND11 are available in clear glass and amber glass with or without inscription field. The crimp vials can be used on all common autosamplers. In particular, at Agilent, Carlo Erba, […]