High density and high purity are the special characteristics that make the LABC “iTri” storage vial and the ZeroSept AIR closure unique. The combination of the respective advantages means an innovative storage vessel for particularly volatile and valuable standards.

iTri Zerosept airAnalysis systems are becoming more and more sensitive and analyses more and more comprehensive, which also increases the demands on standards. For very volatile standards, several aspects have to be considered, in particular the standards should be produced in-house. As a rule, only small quantities can be pre-produced, as the standards would otherwise evaporate too quickly. Frequent production increases the risk of having to detect qualitative fluctuations in the standard due to minimal deviations. These have a negative impact on analyses. In addition, labor is tied up. Furthermore, with commercially available silicone or rubber closures, there is a risk of contamination through the septum. Impurities from the septum can enter the standard via the needle and contaminate it. Both problems are solved by the combination described below.

For both problems you will find the solution below.

iTri crimpThe high-density “iTri” vial is optimized for the storage and use of volatile standards with very low sample volumes. The specific design with an inner funnel tapered at the top ensures that even extremely volatile samples cannot escape or escape only very slowly. Different sample volumes with a uniform vial size of 23x73mm (equivalent to a headspace vial), allow the “iTri” vial to be easily integrated into existing routines. With a magnetic cap, the vial can be used in an automated system. The VMAX base ensures optimized residual emptying. The cylindrically shaped bottom of the vial is designed for complete and automated emptying with a cannula.

Zerosept air crimpCrimped with the ZeroSept®AIR closure results in an extremely tight vial. Due to the innovative design, the ZeroSept®AIR closure has a high tightness, even with multiple injections! The double PTFE film without elastomer content guarantees a high-purity septum. The air cushion between the two films ensures tightness, even with multiple penetrations. Particles cannot be punched out of the septum, nor is there any possibility of other contamination. Your standard remains basically pure.

The connection of the “iTri” storage vial bottle and the ZeroSept®AIR closure is synonymous with a combination that is unmatched in tightness and purity, even with multiple penetrations. In addition, this combination has the dimensions of a standard headspace vial and can be moved on autosamplers with magnetic cap. Thanks to the placement of the funnel, different volumes can be filled. The VMAX base enables residue-optimized emptying by means of a cannula.

This unique combination is produced in Germany, based on the highest quality standards. Upon request, the vial and cap could also be shipped pre-cleaned and/or pre-capped. For further questions or quotation requests please refer to our contact page.

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