Every microlitre counts

Originally, the text was written in 2021. It has lost little of its topicality. Often it is the little that counts and the VMAX bottom proves to be a clear advantage.

Every microlitre is precious. The current pandemic has (also) taught us that. Medicines and vaccines, as the attentive pandemicist now knows, are a valuable commodity. The difference between drawing 5 or 6 injections from an injection vial not only causes all kinds of scandals, but also protects people and uses available resources more efficiently. Of course, cash is also saved. Because an injection vial with the precious vaccine is expensive. Is it perhaps still possible to gain an injection if the vaccine can be completely withdrawn from the injection vial? Residual emptying optimises everything!

VMAX – are THE bottles with optimised residual emptying and the solution for using existing vaccine even more efficiently. The cylindrical base can be easily moulded onto injection vials, even retrospectively. The design is chosen in such a way that the remaining amount in the bottle is optimally small. Mathematically proven and can be read at www.labc.de. Production is highly mechanised and efficient, which means that orders can be carried out at short notice, even in small quantities.

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