VMAX Flaschen Gruppe

VMAX - The sample vial with optimised residue emptying can be moulded to almost any vial, even retrofitted. The vials are suitable as sample or storage bottles and allow an almost complete withdrawal of the liquid by means of a cannula.

Groups VMAXSample vials are usually emptied manually using a cannula. With standard vials, there is always a residue at the bottom that cannot be removed from the vial using a cannula. For particularly valuable samples, vials with optimised residual emptying are therefore used. In chromatography in particular, different vials are known for optimised residue emptying. These vials have the standard size 32×12 mm.

The bottle base with integrated and optimised residue emptying makes the VMAX vial special. It is cylindrically shaped and can be mechanically moulded to (almost) any glass bottle, even subsequently, using the patented process of GTG Glastechnik Gräfenroda.

Automated systems for taking samples usually dip into the vial with a cannula. The suction point of the cannula can be either at the side or at the bottom. The head shape of the cannula varies. During automatic withdrawal, the cannula is always immersed to the same depth in the vial. For the most complete emptying possible and low dead volume, the cannula must be immersed as deeply as possible in the vial without touching the bottom! If the cannula touches the buttom, it deforms and is destroyed.

A reproducible bottom height is therefore decisive for a low dead volume! A reproducible emptying up to a residual volume of approx. ≤ 7µl is possible under optimal conditions, independent of the start volume.

VMAX vial bottomVMAX vials are tapered inwards, cylindrical in shape and yet stand without support. This is advantageous for handling the vial. Machine moulding of VMAX vials is possible up to a bottle diameter of 27mm and a maximum length of 140mm. The VMAX vials are manufactured on GTG’s own machines and can be produced cost-effectively in quantities as low as 1000.

VMAX vials can be used in a variety of ways. For example, VMAX vials are used as reaction vessels in the bilimex range for DLLME with a dispersant heavier than water.
With crimp head or the particularly tight GHS6 thread, the VMAX vials can be used as storage bottles for especially valuable substances. The VMAX vial can also be used as a vial for medicines, wherever the complete collection of your sample is a priority.

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