Closed caps

Geschlossene Kappe 13-425 120-0935555

Übersicht Discover our closed caps in different thread sizes (13-425, 15-425, 24-400, HS6-19). With a packaging unit of 100 pieces and in the colours blue, yellow, red, green, black and white, they offer easy categorisation and identification of samples. They are equipped with high quality seals, either an internal sealing cone or a PE foam/PTFE […]

ND18 Screw cap with butyl/PTFE

Schwarze Schraubkappe 12ß-0591454

The ND 18 screw caps are a reliable solution for various applications that require a secure seal. They consist of a black PP screw cap with a closed construction. The inner seal is made of red butyl and grey PTFE, both with a hardness of 55° Shore A and a thickness of 2.4 mm. These […]

GL 25 hole cap


Our GL 25 hole cap made of PFA-TpCH260 is a high quality solution for DURAN® laboratory glass GL25 threads. Made from uncolored perfluoroalkoxy polymers, it offers temperature resistance from -196°C to +200°C. The central 12mm hole allows easy sampling or addition of reagents. The cap meets USP/FDA standards and is suitable for use in the […]

Hole screw cap

Loch-Schraubkappe Gewinde 24-400

Discover our high quality perforated screw caps made of PP with inserted 1.6 mm silicone seal and PTFE lamination. These screw caps provide a reliable seal and can withstand temperatures up to 80°C. They are ideal for various applications and ensure the protection of your samples or products. Visit our product page for more information […]

ND20 aluminium crimp cap with 10mm hole

magnetische boerdelkappe ND20 10mm Loch

Übersicht In laboratory technology, high-quality sample vials and closures are of great importance. LABC-Labortechnik has developed an innovative solution for injection vials and headspace vials with ND20 crimp head. With magnetic ND20 aluminium crimp caps, which have a 10mm hole, two adjacent syringe needles can now be pierced at the same time. These aluminium caps […]

Septa for GL screw caps

Butyl rot/PTFE grau für GL-Lochschraubkappen

In the following, we would like to introduce our high-quality septum seals made of silicone/PTFE for GL14 screw caps. These specially designed seals are ideal for use with GL screw caps, both with as previously mentioned hole , but also closed caps. Septa for GL hole screw caps Septa for GL hole screw caps Our […]