Every microlitre counts

VMAX mit Feingewinde

Originally, the text was written in 2021. It has lost little of its topicality. Often it is the little that counts and the VMAX bottom proves to be a clear advantage. Every microlitre is precious. The current pandemic has (also) taught us that. Medicines and vaccines, as the attentive pandemicist now knows, are a valuable […]

SRK Instruments from Hyderabad Distributor India

SKR Indien Logo

New distributor in Hyderabad, India We have been cooperating successfully with Santosh Kandhi and his team from SRK Instruments for years. They are your contact for India and will be happy to advise you on migration, permeation and caps & vials. They are proven experts. Please contact SRK Instruments directly or send your request to […]

Exclusive distributor in Brazil

Logo allchrom

New distributor in Sao Paulo, Brazil We are proud to be working with Allcrom (Allcrom Tudo para Cromatografia) to provide even better service and support to our customers in Brazil. This expansion of our dealer network in South America is another step in our efforts to provide world-class laboratory technology solutions worldwide and to optimally […]

ND18 – VMAX with fine thread

VMAX mit Feingewinde

Übersicht Headspace vials come in a variety of sizes and materials to suit different applications. New on the market are the ND18 headspace vials with fine thread and VMAX bottom, which allow optimized liquid sample removal. The VMAX page summarises all the bottles, including a detailed description of the benefits. VMAX Assortment The entire VMAX […]

Migration cells according to EN1186 with universal serial number

Migrationszellen komplett Edelstahl

Sieg-Mi-Flex stainless steel migration cells are now available with individual serial numbers and a factory certificate for individual proof of dimensional accuracy. Sieg-Mi-Flex cells have been used for migration simulations worldwide for many years. With this system, simulations can be performed in the temperature range from -15°C to 180°C as well as at high pressure […]

New opening of dein-laborshop.de

logo dein-laborshop.de

LABC-Labortechnik GmbH opens a new online shop for personal laboratory supplies: dein-laborshop.de. There you will find a large selection that you need for your laboratory use. In addition, we offer qualified customer service and fast shipping. Further information

PTFE top for permeation cells

PTFE Deckel für Permeationszellen

For permeation measurements with hydrogen fluoride and hydrofluoric acid a special top part of the NW50liquid cell is required as the standard top part for the NW50 permeation cells is made of glass. The vapors of the chemicals for the attack the glass and destroy it in the medium term. Therefore, a lid made of […]

Test on the tightness of the ZeroSept®AIR

Logo ZeroSept AIR

Vial closures with ZeroSept®AIRseptum “PTFEvirginal/AIR/PTFEvirginal The new septum seal with an air cushion instead of an elastomer for standard vial closures. Due to its innovative design, the ZeroSept®AIR septum PTFEvirginal/AIR/PTFEvirginal has a high tightness, even with multiple injections! This makes the septum highly pure and, among other things, very interesting for trace analysis. It fits, […]

ZeroSept®AIR Septum


An improved solution for vial closures in trace analysis ZeroSept®AIR-Septum offers improved vial closures for trace analysis. Unlike thin foil septa, it has comparable tightness, requires no tool adjustment, prevents the seals from falling out and elastomer components from penetrating the sample. It allows reproducible multiple injections and fits into common GC/HPLC systems with magnetic […]

VMAX – Sample vial with optimised residue emptying

VMAX – The sample vial with optimised residue emptying can be moulded to almost any vial, even retrofitted. The vials are suitable as sample or storage bottles and allow an almost complete withdrawal of the liquid by means of a cannula. Sample vials are usually emptied manually using a cannula. With standard vials, there is […]