ZeroSept® FUN

High-purity silicone and PTFE-free cap for multiple multiple injections. ZeroSept® FUN is a new type of innovative closure for chromatography which has very good resealing properties thanks to its inner funnel.

Discover the ND9 – ZeroSept® FUN short threaded cap with fail-safe inner funnel for high-precision analysis. The funnel tapers towards the bottom and ends with a thin polypropylene membrane. The very thin PP membrane enables effortless piercing with standard syringes at 0 °C to 100 °C. The septum is designed for multiple piercings.

In the first step, ZeroSept® FUN is only available in the ND9 version for short-thread bottles. Extension to other nominal diameters is planned.

ZeroSept® FUN consists of a standard cap in which an inert and plasticiser-free polypropylene funnel has been moulded. The funnel acts as a sealing element with a puncture channel that tapers inwards. A thin polypropylene membrane is injection-moulded at the end, which acts as a sealing point.

When the needle pierces the membrane for the first time, a thin puncture mark remains. However, the puncture channel is used as a recondensation zone and minimises the escape of the sample from the vial. 

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