Mittelring DN80 halbe Hoehe

Stainless steel central rings half height for Sieg-Mi-Flex

Migration simulations now also with a volume / area ratio of 100ml to 2dm² via migration cell system Sieg-Mi-Flex.

Center ring DN80 half height frontalTests with objects or materials that come into contact with food are mandatory. This is regulated, among others, by EU Regulations 10/2011 (Amendment 1416/2016). A common attempt from practice is the gravimetric determination of global migration. A defined amount of food simulant comes into contact with the medium to be tested for a defined time. Subsequently, the food simulant is evaporated and the residue is balanced. In comparison to the blank test, this test checks whether there is a weight increase of the residue or not. An increase in weight is equivalent to a release of substances from the medium to be tested.

In practice, this test was usually performed with 100ml of liquid and an area of 2dm² in a Migracell® or the MigraCubicle. In the above-mentioned systems, tests at higher temperatures are not possible in some cases, as the system with the clamping ring tends to leak in conjunction with increasing internal pressure.

This is where the new development of LABC-Labortechnik GmbH comes in. So far, it has only been possible to perform tests in the standard version of the Sieg-Mi-Flex DN120 migration cell with an area of 2dm² and 200ml of liquid. The Sieg-Mi-Flex cells in the stainless steel version are designed for tests up to 180°C and a steam pressure of 9bar. New in the range are the center rings with ½ height, so that a center ring DN120 now provides 100ml of liquid for 2dm² area. The ½ ring DN80 has an area and volume ratio of 1dm² and 50ml liquid. Of course, the new rings remain compatible with all parts already available from the Sieg-Mi-Flex system. Thus, the Gl14 caps on the outlet nozzles are still used, and the FEP O-rings are just as compatible.

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