VMAX - Sample vials

VMAX vials with ND18 fine thread – Precisely manufactured base, efficient removal of the sample, innovation in chromatography!

Experience a new era of efficiency in your analyses!

The magnetic ND18 closures in combination with the VMAX fine thread vials not only enable smooth integration into automated systems. The reproducible, uniformly high base enables the needle to be immersed with high precision right down to the base. Even small quantities can be safely removed from the base cone using a microlitre syringe. Use the vial as a container with integrated optimised residual volume emptying or use the vial for phase separation, for example in the DLLME.

Let your analyses benefit from the unique features of VMAX and automate your analyses.

Optimised residual emptying for each vial - VMAX sample vials
  • VMAX – Microvial stands without support
  • with optimised residual emptying
  • Immersion depth defined as +-0.2 mm  
  • Ideal for automated sample preparation
  • Residual volume approx. ≤ 7 μl

The VMAX base can be moulded to fit almost any vial.

We will be happy to advise you on the topic.

We will be happy to advise you and together we will look for the best product for your requirements.