StorageVialBox17 – vials made of clear or amber borosilicate glass including colored screw cap with PTFE-coated liner. The screw caps are available in 6 colors: blue, green, red, yellow, white & black.

The StorageVialBox is delivered packed in a square faceplate box (StorageBox) with a grid of 100 (10×10). The StorageBox is ideal for permanent storage of the vials.

StorageVialBox with closed screw cap

StorageVialBox with closed screw cap

Volume Height Glass Item no. Glass Item no.
2,5ml 27mm Clear glass 120-0671149 Amber glass 120-0671156
3,75ml 35mm Clear glass 120-0671163 Amber glass 120-0671170
5ml 42mm Clear glass 120-0671187 Amber glass 120-0671194
7,5ml 60mm Clear glass 120-0671200 Amber glass 120-0671217
10ml 72mm Clear glass 120-0671224 Amber glass 120-0671248

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