Sieg-Mi-Flex migration cells

Sieg-Mi-Flex Migrationszellen

Übersicht Migration cells of the Sieg-Mi-Flex type are basically suitable for migration tests, among others according to EN1186 and EN13130. Migration tests can be carried out with cloths, papers, foil or cardboard packaging, gloves and many other materials or surfaces. The modular system can be expanded at any time and adapted to the requirements of […]

Migration cell “MigraCubicle

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Übersicht The migration cell system “MigraCubicle” is a test chamber made entirely of borosilicate glass.“MigraCubicle” was developed in accordance with cell type D (figure C.6, EN1186-1:2002). “MigraCubicle” is available in different sizes and iscan be adapted to different test piece sizes. The glass cells are used, for example, when testing with the food simulants MPPO […]

Migration cell Migra cell type A

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Übersicht Migration cell Migra cell type-A has a food contact area of 2.5 dm2 and can be filled with up to 125ml of test food (simulant). The migration cell is designed for temperatures up to a maximum of 180°C and a minimum of -15°C. The Migra cell type A can withstand a pressure of up […]

Migra bag holder

Migra-Beutelhalter nach Norm seitlich

LABC bag holder “Migra bag holder” for migration tests analogous to EN1186-6:2002. The bag holder is designed for up to 14 bags as test samples. The test samples should be 120x120mm in size. In a stainless steel box with 4x PTFE feet, the individual partitions are inserted into predefined openings. The box and partitions are […]