ND9 – ZeroSept® SILP

Short thread ND9 ZeroSept® SILP closures made of high-purity silicone. Our silicone is a new and particularly clean compound and ensures low-interference peak measurements. The silicone septa are laminated with a PTFE barrier film.

With 38° shore, the septum is also very soft.

ND9 PP short thread cap with silicone natural / PTFE colourless (ultra pure)

  • Very soft
  • Ideal for inorganic analysis
  • Low alkan
  • Tempered and elaborately washed

ND9 – ZeroSept® SILP

Article no. Thickness HoleØ Color (cap)
120-0891028 1,2 mm 6 mm blue
120-0916257 1,2 mm 6 mm yellow
120-0891035 1,2 mm 6 mm green
120-0916226 1,2 mm 6 mm red
120-0916233 1,2 mm 6 mm black
120-0890106 1,2 mm 6 mm transparent

The ND9 – ZeroSept® SILP closures are packed in 100 pieces in a jar.

All ZeroSept® closures are supplied in a jar. The jar is sealed with a PP screw-on lid with an integrated PTFE-laminated seal. A clean aluminium foil is also packed between the lid and the closure so that the septa reach the customer free of environmental influences and plasticisers from the packaging, for example. The aluminium foil also stabilises the closures and prevents the septa from coming loose during transport.

ND9 PTFE mono mit Verpackung

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