ND9 PP- Screw hole cap – Silicone / PTFE, UltraBond

With an UltraBond closure system, the screw cap and septum are inseparably connected.
The molecular structure of the contact surface between the PP screw cap and the
Septum is changed so that a connection can be made without the use of adhesives.
arises. The short thread cap ND9 becomes particularly tight due to this connection of septum and cap.

ND9 PP- Screw hole cap - Silicone (white) / PTFE (red), UltraBond

Art.-Nr.: Kappenfarbe: Dicke: Septum Kreuzschlitz
120-0590754 blue 1,3 mm white / red no
120-0590976 blue * 1,0 mm white/white no
120-0590983 blue * 1,0 mm white/white yes

*Not shown in the photo