Interference peak-free analysis with ZeroSept®AIR

The ZeroSept®AIR septum from LABC-Labortechnik offers a tight and mineral oil free solution to avoid contamination during automated MOSH/MOAH analysis. The LABC kit connects the septum to a fine thread bottle to perform MOSH/MOAH analyses in an interference-free environment.

A matching product flyer for the ZeroSept Air® MOSH/MOAH Kit.

Item number: 120-0962797

The MOSH/MOAH analysis kit from LABC consists of the following components:

ND18 fine thread vial

The 10ml fine thread vial is made of clear glass of the first hydrolytic class. It also has a rounded bottom. More about the ZeroSept® AIR

Item number: 120-0588751

ND18 fine thread cap

ZeroSept AIRA magnetic 18mm ZeroSept®AIR closure consisting of steel and a 2.5mm thick septum made of PTFE. Here you can find more information about the high purity ZeroSept® Air and its application in epoxidation during automated MOSH/MOSH anlayse.

Item number: 120-0588751

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