Sandwich arrangement of the Sieg-Mi-Flex migration cells

Sample preparation with the modular and flexible migration cell Sieg-Mi-Flex for analytical measurement according to EN1186 and EN13130 of packaging ingredients. The Sieg-Mi-Flex can be used to perform migration tests with cloths, papers, foil or cardboard packaging, gloves and many other materials or surfaces. Predominantly, the migration cells are used as a classic version with a center ring between a fixing plate. In addition, there is also the possibility to extend the sample chamber or to perform barrier tests with the Sieg-Mi-Flex migration cell. This is what you use the so-called sandwich arrangement for. We understand by “sandwich arrangement” that at least two centre rings of the same size are clamped between a set of fixing plates. The test setup requires extended threaded screws and optionally a centering ring. The centering ring is currently only available in DN120. In the following you can see how a sandwich arrangement is built up:

Possible applications

Finally, the application possibilities are almost infinite, we have listed some here:

  • The headspace of the food contact side of a packaging material versus the outside can be tested simultaneously (the film to be tested (test sample) is placed between the two center rings and clamped).
  • A test of the barrier effect (permeation) of inner bags in cardboard folding boxes can be carried out in headspace. The cardboard of the folding box (donor) is placed between a fixing plate and a center ring, the inner bag film to be tested (test sample) is placed between both center rings and clamped.
  • A test of the barrier effect of “catons” (coated cardboard) can be performed, with the possibility of analyzing the food contact side versus the outside. The test specimen is placed between both center rings and clamped.
  • A test of the barrier properties (permeation) (H20,CO2, N2, O2) of composite packaging can be performed.

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