ND20 aluminium crimp cap with 10mm hole

magnetische boerdelkappe ND20 10mm Loch

Übersicht In laboratory technology, high-quality sample vials and closures are of great importance. LABC-Labortechnik has developed an innovative solution for injection vials and headspace vials with ND20 crimp head. With magnetic ND20 aluminium crimp caps, which have a 10mm hole, two adjacent syringe needles can now be pierced at the same time. These aluminium caps […]

Current software Qumat 401

Qumat401 EPC

Current software Qumat 401 Current software Qumat 401 The Qumat®-Q401 analyser has three versions. Please select the correct version and download the ZIP file accordingly. Qumat 401 HR – classic version WITHOUT display and WITHOUT integrated flowmeter Software Version 2.2.0 Qumat 401 HR-Flow – classic version WITHOUT display and with integrated flowmeter Software Version 2.2.0 […]

Sample vial “iTri

iTri vial klar und braunglas

Übersicht The high-density “iTri” sample vial is suitable for the storage and transport of volatile samples and small sample volumes. The special design with a tapered inner funnel at the top ensures that even extremely volatile samples do not escape or escape only very slowly. In addition, the vial has a constricted and very good […]