ZeroSept® FUN

ZeroSept FUN bunt

High-purity silicone and PTFE-free cap for multiple penetration. ZeroSept® FUN is a new type of innovative closure for chromatography which has very good resealing properties thanks to its inner funnel. Discover the ND9 – ZeroSept® FUN short threaded cap with fail-safe inner funnel for high-precision analyses. The funnel tapers towards the bottom and ends with […]


ZeroSept PTFEmono Gruppe

ZeroSept® by LABC Interference-free chromatography with ZeroSept® . As if the needle never would have punctured a septum. ZeroSept® FUN ZeroSept® AIR ZeroSept® PTFEmono ZeroSept® SILP ZeroSept® ALUmono Get your free samples now. Request by e-mail. Request now ZeroSept® closures are what LABC-Labortechnik calls its innovative, high-purity and high-quality closures for trace analysis. Only absolutely […]

Analytica 2024

Analytica welcome

Analytica 2024. We cordially invite you to visit our stand and find out more about us from 09. to see our high-purity chromatography closures in person at the Munich trade fair grounds from April 12, 2024. We look forward to the opportunity to present our products to you. In addition to our high-purity products from […]

ND9 – ZeroSept® PTFEmono

ND9 PTFE mono mit Verpackung

High-purity and cost-effective short thread caps from the ZeroSept® assortment. Compatible with all common autosamplers and GC/HPLC devices. Discover the ND9 – ZeroSept® PTFEmono short threaded cap with fail-safe PTFE disc for precise analyses. The very thin PTFE enables effortless piercing with standard syringes at -200 °C to 260 °C. The septum is designed for […]

VMAX – Sample vials with fine thread

VMAX mit Fokus Boden

VMAX – Sample vials with fine thread VMAX vials with ND18 fine thread – Precisely manufactured base, efficient removal of the sample, innovation in chromatography! – Ideal for automated sample preparation– for optimised microsampling– Dead volume approx. ≤ 7 µl VMAX – Fine thread Information about VMAX VMAX vial bottom Get your free samples now. […]

Stainless steel central rings half height

mittelring dn80 halbe hoehe front

Stainless steel central rings half height for Sieg-Mi-Flex Migration simulations now also with a volume / area ratio of 100ml to 2dm² via migration cell system Sieg-Mi-Flex. Tests with objects or materials that come into contact with food are mandatory. This is regulated, among others, by EU Regulations 10/2011 (Amendment 1416/2016). A common attempt from […]

Every microlitre counts

Vmax mit Boden

Originally, the text was written in 2021. It has lost little of its topicality. Often it is the little that counts and the VMAX bottom proves to be a clear advantage. Every microlitre is precious. The current pandemic has (also) taught us that. Medicines and vaccines, as the attentive pandemicist now knows, are a valuable […]

MOSH/MOAH analysis with ZeroSept®AIR


Contamination-free epoxidation within the scope of the MOSH/MOAH analytics with ZeroSept®AIR Food analysis is exposed to a latent risk of interference from interfering substances. These pose a problem because they affect the limits of quantification and accuracy in analysis. Sample preparation is therefore extremely time-consuming. Since interfering substances are also present in many solvents and/or […]

Test on the tightness of the ZeroSept®AIR

Logo ZeroSept AIR

Vial closures with ZeroSept®AIR septum “PTFEvirginal/AIR/PTFEvirginal“ The new septum seal with an air cushion instead of an elastomer for standard vial closures. Due to its innovative design, the ZeroSept®AIR septum PTFEvirginal/AIR/PTFEvirginal has a high tightness, even with multiple injections! This makes the septum highly pure and, among other things, very interesting for trace analysis. It […]

Migration cells according to EN1186 with universal serial number

Migrationszellen komplett Edelstahl

Sieg-Mi-Flex stainless steel migration cells are now available with individual serial numbers and a factory certificate for individual proof of dimensional accuracy. Sieg-Mi-Flex cells have been used for migration simulations worldwide for many years. With this system, simulations can be performed in the temperature range from -15°C to 180°C as well as at high pressure […]