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LABC laboratory technology - Four key competences




New distributor in Vietnam - Giaditech

ZeroSept AIR

It is with great pleasure that we are adding the distributor Giaditech from Vietnam to our network. As a result, our dealer network is also growing internationally.





LABC-Labortechnik has been developing, manufacturing and marketing products for laboratory applications since 1988. Our first patent consisted of a special stirrer closure and stirrer coupling.

Over the past 30 years, several key topics that we describe in 2021 as being the core competencies of our company have emerged.
One of our core competencies is material transfer - migration or permeation of substances from or through materials. Our products are used, for example, to simulate the migration of food packaging to food and are listed accordingly in the applicable standards. Regarding permeation, we focus on chemical resistance testing of personal protective equipment. Here as well, the applicable standard includes LABC products which are used worldwide.
We have been marketing, developing and producing vials and caps for chromatography and sample storage for over 25 years. In addition to its standard range, LABC-Labortechnik was and still is guided by particularly complex customer demands.

LABC's ZeroSept®AIR caps should be particularly highlighted. Thanks to their innovative structure, these pure PTFE closures have sealing properties comparable to conventional caps, even after multiple penetrations, but are very much cleaner and therefore less subject to create interference peaks.
LABC-iTri vials and S3 vials are innovative small containers for the storage and transport of highly volatile samples or particularly valuable powders.




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